Tuesday, June 19

Today we flew to Tasmania, the southernmost and smallest of the Australian States.  There are about 500,000 people in Tasmania and about 200,000 of them live in Hobart, the capitol.  We were picked up at the airport in a huge 36-passenger bus, so this was the first time that our driver didn’t get a hernia from stuffing our 21 HUGE suitcases into a much-too-small space. We arrived at the hotel, got settled, did some exploring in town, and then had class beginning at 5 pm.

Hobart is a port city with a lively seafront consisting of both commercial fishing boats as well as pleasure yachts.  In Australia’s summer, we’ve been told that the harbor is jam packed with cruise ships as Tasmania has quite a lively tourism industry. But today, the most interesting boat in the harbor was the Aurora Australia, a research vessel that regularly explores the Antarctic.


Salamanca Place is the market area immediately adjacent to the harbor and it is filled with all sorts of little artist shops, cafes, upscale shopping and generally interesting places. On Saturdays, they have a huge open air market all year round that is part farmers market and part artists market.  Unfortunately, by Saturday we’ll be in Sydney. Here are some of the pictures the Salamanca area:


A view of the harbor from the street with Mt. Wellington in the background.  Hobart is very hilly.


In the market area, there are sidewalk tables everywhere, and a street size chess board in the middle of the square.  No one was playing while we were there, but I bet you have to wait in line to play in the summer.


Another picture of the Salamanca Place town square area


After class, we roamed the streets for a while looking for a restaurant in the CBD to get a bite to eat.  Sorry, no luck, and by 8:15 all the restaurants were closed.  So, we ducked into an little Irish pub just across the street and got some fish and chips and called it a night.  Tomorrow is a big day!


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I coordinate the graduate programs in the School of Education at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. I have been at UD for almost 25 years and love working with both undergraduate and graduate students. In my spare time, I am actively involved in rehoming retired racing greyhounds through Greyhound Pets of America - Delaware Chapter. I have been married for over 40 years to my first husband, Bob, and we have three grown children and a beautiful little granddaughter.
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