Monday, June 18

Today was our last day in Melbourne, and I have to admit that I saw a lot of sad faces among our students (and faculty) today.  Melbourne has been our home during the last 2 1/2 weeks and we have grown to love this city. It is a very liveable city with a cafe on every corner and so many fun and quirky things to do. We’ve gotten very comfortable navigating the public transportation system – the 1, 8, 55, and 112 trams are our best friends now, and we know that we need to make a reservation if we’re traveling on the V-Line.  Life is good.

We had class this morning, and the Barrier Reef folks were delayed coming home from Cairns so they didn’t get in until about 1:15 am.  BUT, all students were on time for 9 am class this morning (we’re so proud of you), which was our last class in the Ross House community center.  Students were troopers, but fading a bit by noon, so we ended class a bit early so that they could go back to the hotel and pack.  Kathy and I sent all our heavy books and teaching materials that we no longer needed back home by slow boat, and we saw a number of our students at the post office as well sending home heavy items and gifts.

We had a wonderful Farewell Dinner to Melbourne tonight at a quaint little Italian restaurant in the Carlton area of Melbourne.  The owner of the restaurant personally cooked our dinner of Penne Alfredo, Lasagne, Chicken Schnitzel (big in Melbourne), salad, bruchetta, and gelatto.  Lovely!  We tried to get Kate to lead us in song, but she refused, so we had to settle for a group picture of all of us at the restaurant.

Farewell dinner in Melbourne

Our bus picks us up at 6:45 am tomorrow and we are off to Tasmania!


About gailrys

I coordinate the graduate programs in the School of Education at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. I have been at UD for almost 25 years and love working with both undergraduate and graduate students. In my spare time, I am actively involved in rehoming retired racing greyhounds through Greyhound Pets of America - Delaware Chapter. I have been married for over 40 years to my first husband, Bob, and we have three grown children and a beautiful little granddaughter.
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