Monday, June 11 (Part Deux)

I’m using a new writing editor that I’m still not completely confident with, so I’m going to continue to break the big days with lots of pictures into parts.

So, more pictures of the surfers and ocean paddleboarders at this beautiful beach at Lorne (if any of you want to google the location):


Suddenly, out of nowhere, a whole group of people showed up on the beach, stripped down to regular bathing suits (no wetsuits) and decided to go for a swim. Kathy and Stephanie swear they were ocean racing, but I can’t verify that.


One of the paddleboarders


After leaving Lorne, we took a quick side tour to see an area of eucalyptus trees with wild koalas.  These guys were way up in the tops of the trees, so this picture was taken with a 300 mm lens. From the way her arms are wound around her front, we think we see two little ears and the top of the head of a baby koala in her arms.  What do you think?



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I coordinate the graduate programs in the School of Education at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. I have been at UD for almost 25 years and love working with both undergraduate and graduate students. In my spare time, I am actively involved in rehoming retired racing greyhounds through Greyhound Pets of America - Delaware Chapter. I have been married for over 40 years to my first husband, Bob, and we have three grown children and a beautiful little granddaughter.
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